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National Prawn Company

On the Red Sea coast in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Al Lith City, 170 km south of Jeddah, National Prawn Company is considered as one of the largest integrated shrimp projects of sea coasts in the world. Its farms are fed by pristine clean water of the Red Sea. Close monitoring of the product from hatcheries to ponds to plates, ensures the Quality and Sustainability and food safety of the product as NPC’s commitment to its customers. NPC employs 2800 employees, and has the capacity to produce more than 18,000 tons of white shrimp. The products are marketed inside and outside the Kingdom to around 30 countries in the world, including UK, Spain, Italy, Japan, Korea, USA, China, Australia, and other countries. Product sizes vary as desired by customers and is characterized by excellent taste and quality.
The company started in 1982 as a simple research center, and with the persistence, determination and scientific and technical methods, transformed NPC into what it is today, which will contribute - with the blessing of Almighty Allah - in the diversification of Saudi economy and growth of the aquaculture industry in the Kingdom. The Company is fully committed towards the development of the society, economically, socially and environmentally.
The shrimp operation includes 15 farms with 28 ponds in each farm. Area of the each pond is 10 hectares with special specifications for sustainable shrimp farming
The company adopts a farming policy in all production stages – from ponds to plates – and this is what distinguishes NPC products. The Company has been accredited with  quality certificates such as BRC for food safety and export to the UK, ISO 22000 for food safety management systems, HACCP, ISO 9001:2008 for quality management, 14001 for environment management.
The company has established a separate department for Biosecurity, which is considered one of the most important departments in the company with high importance in sustainability, protection and prevention of spread of pathogens in shrimp and their acute effects on farming operations. ,
The company is now going through a diversity stage by adding new activities such as fish, sea cucumber, algae and other products derived from shrimp crusts and heads such as Chitine and Chitosan used in pharmaceutical industry.
NPC is a founding member of Saudi Aquaculture Association in KSA, and Eng. Ahmad Al Ballaa was elected as chairman of this association.

National Prawn Company
P.O. Box 20, Al-Lith 21961, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Phone# +96677329999 - Fax# +96677329000

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